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The History department aims to help you understand the present better by studying the past. Pupils will learn how to research and analyse past events and debate their significance. They are encouraged to express their opinion given the evidence presented to them. Students develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens through educational visits which enhance their understanding of the world around them.



Our units follow the National Curriculum for History and are broken down into Key themes and periods. Students study a variety of topics from the William the Conqueror in Year 7 through to World War 2 in Year 9. We use various resources to help, support and enhance the pupils learning, this includes a dedicated intervention assistant, differentiated resources and trips, Imperial War Museum, Black Country Museum, Cold War & Battlefields, that bring the topics to life.



We assess the pupil’s progress via written extended essays and knowledge tests. Pupils are encouraged to swap; share and peer assess their work. This peer assessment is then supported further by teacher end of unit assessments.





Year 7 – (Humanities - 2 History units of approx. 10 lessons)

  1. Norman Invasion of England 1066
  2. Government Democracy & Monarchy Middle Ages 1066-1300


Year 8 (Humanities – 2 x History units approx. 16 lessons)

  1. Church & Society Reformation – Civil war
  2. Empire & Power – British Empire & Transatlantic Slave Trade


Year 9 History 6 lessons a fortnight

  1. The Industrial Revolution 1750-1900.
  2. The Industrial Revolution – Common experience 1750-1900
  3. World War 1 – Rise of the Alliance system/Trench Warfare 1914-1919
  4. World War 2 – Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, Rise of the Dictators

Causes of World War 2 1919-1939


KS4 – year 10-11 GCSE

Edexcel Modern World History

  1. Life in Nazi Germany 1919-1939
  2. Superpower relations & Cold war Post 1945
  3. Medicine & treatment AD 50 – present day  
    1. Britain and the Trenches 1914-1918
  4. Elizabethan England 1558-1588





We use SAM learning for online support including some tests and for setting homework.

Year 7 – Homework includes a project on Life in Norman times. Year 8 & Year 9 includes research for group work, extended writes

Knowledge organisers are provided for each unit, these allow the pupils to have an overview of the general content of the unit with keywords/definitions/dates and key people.

WE encourage pupils to undertake independent research and recommend  the following sites: www.national



Year 8

Personal History Enquiry