Bedminster Down School

How Our Curriculum Is Structured

Bedminster Down School offers a broad and balanced curriculum with suitable accreditation pathways for all learners. The school operates a two week timetable with six lessons a day, each of fifty minutes.


In Year 7 students have twelve lessons of English and twelve lessons of Maths in mixed ability groups. Students are also exposed to a huge variety of additional subjects including History, Geography, RE, Music, Drama, French, Science, Product Design, Catering, Textiles, Art, PE and PSHE.

In Year 8 students follow a similar curriculum to Year 7. Students continue to be taught in mixed ability groups in all subjects and spend more lessons in History and Geography and slightly fewer in English and Maths.

In Year 9 students begin preparing for their GCSE options. Students opt for two out of three of History, Geography and French and Spanish and spend significantly more time studying these than in previous years. Those students who may be less suited to studying three EBacc options at GCSE are offered the choice of studying just one of these three subjects rather than two. Every student also chooses their two favourite subjects from the design suite of Product Design, Food and Cookery, Textiles, Art and Digital Photography to study in more depth in Year 9. Students also begin to be more rigidly set into ability groups than in earlier years.