Bedminster Down School



The PSHE department aims to give the students the chance to develop as individuals, to increase their empathy and understanding of others, and to improve their awareness of the world around them.

We also look to provide them with key skills to help themselves and others to be safe – for example on-line, through teaching them about relationships, awareness of drugs (mainly alcohol and smoking in KS3), and first aid skills. We have recently been featured in the local and national media, when a Yr 8 pupil correctly diagnosed her father as having had a heart attack due to what she’d learnt in her PSHE lessons, and is being credited with potentially saving his life.



Topics studied include first aid skills, sex and relationship education (SRE), drug and alcohol education, internet safety, financial capability and citizenship.



There is no assessment in PSHE.



Yr 7

Term 1 – Supporting the change from Primary to Secondary

Term 2 – Learning about me

Term 3 – SRE

Term 4 – Healthy Lifestyles

Term 5 – Citizenship

Term 6 – Managing Money


Yr 8

Term 1 – Internet Safety

Term 2 – First Aid

Term 3 – SRE

Term 4 – Healthy Living

Term 5 – Citizenship

Term 6 – First Aid


There are no PSHE lessons in Year 9, but pupils will have ‘off-timetable’ lessons for SRE, and for a ‘Play Your Part’ day where  they take part in various workshops provided by public services & charitable organisations on how to 'play your part' in society.