Bedminster Down School



Our aim in the Design Faculty is to create the designers, inventors and artists of the future. We ask students to reflect on society’s current and future needs and answer the question – how can we make a better future for all through design.

We ask students to come up with creative and experimental ways of solving problems, using a variety of different materials and processes, and evaluate and reflect on how their work meets the needs of the modern world.

We are engaged in community projects and extracurricular activities which challenge students to go further than classroom learning to make an impact on the local community.


Our students learn 4 subjects in Year 7 & 8 and rotate through projects with specialist teachers. Each project involves designing and making with students creating a finished piece of work in each subject area.

In year 9 the students can choose 2 design subjects that they would like to explore further, these  will be for the full year and offer our students an in depth pathway to the skills and techniques at KS4.

Year 7 Textiles:


Year 8 Textiles:


Year 9 Textiles:




The work is assessed on the common skills in all design subjects, knowledge, developing, making and evaluating. Students are formatively assessed whilst on task, written feedback is given on work and homework’s to highlight the next stage of learning and how to improve these skills are then placed on DODDLE so that we can track how your child is progressing in their Design subjects.


Year 7

All About Me

Year 8

 Cities or Food


Year  9

The year will be broken into 2 focus Areas:



Knowledge organisers: Pupils are encouraged to use their knowledge organisers regularly in class. These will be used as a theory test for our students and include keywords and processes for each area. A new knowledge organiser section will be given for each project.