Bedminster Down School

Inaccurate funding cut report in Bristol Post – we will not be affected more than others

You may have seen the recent articles in the Bristol Post relating to potential funding cuts to schools in Bristol.  The figures quoted in the article are completely inaccurate.  This is because they have included money that we receive as part of our private finance initiative (PFI).  As you may know, we do not own the school building. It is owned by a company called BAM FM and leased to us through a contract they have with Bristol City Council.  We are given money every year that passes straight through us and onto Bristol City Council.  It is this funding that the Bristol Post have mistakenly included as ‘per pupil funding’. You will notice that all the PFI schools in Bristol have been inaccurately reported on in this way.

Whilst we do not know the exact implications of any new funding formula, please be assured that we will not be affected more than other schools.

I have contacted the paper to inform them of their inaccurate reporting but have not yet received a reply.


Gary Schlick