Bedminster Down School

Safer Internet Day: Tuesday 5th Feb

Throughout the week during tutor time students will be involved in activities and discussions around safer internet use. Some of this work has already started in PSHE lessons and is revisited throughout the year.

Below are some helpful tips for 11-19 year to be safe online:

1) Choose to ask for consent

Always ask others before sharing something about them. If they say no, we need to respect their choice and be a good friend. This should include checking before posting a selfie of you and your friend or before adding friends into group chats where they might be people they don’t know. Remember that things which we might think are okay or funny might actually worry or upset someone else.

2) Choose to be supportive and positive

You can inspire and support others by what you do and post online. If you see someone having a hard time online, offer them support and report posts or accounts that might be upsetting or offensive.

3) Choose to be in control

Take the time to look at the privacy settings of your favourite accounts. They can help you take control over the information and posts that you are sharing and ensure that you are happy with what information people can see about you online.

4) Choose to find out more

Be aware of how your data is being stored and used by the apps on your device. Check the terms and conditions before signing up to a new app and make sure you are happy with your current access rights for each app. Remember you can change these at any time by going into the settings of your device or the app itself and many services will still work even if you choose not to grant all of the access rights it asks for.

5) Choose to talk about it

If you are not sure what to do or how to respond to something that happens online, then talk to someone about it. This could be a close friend, parent, teacher, member of the House team or even a helpline like Childline or The Mix.

For more information on safer internet day please visit the website:

Other useful websites that offer advice, support and guidance include: