Bedminster Down School

Elizabeth Blackwell



Welcome to Elizabeth Blackwell House. Our house is led by the Head of House, Mr Van Eker, who is supported by a House office team including: Miss Dickson (Assistant Head of House ), Miss Hill (Assistant Head of House ) and Mrs Britton (Assistant Head of House & Pupil Premium Advocate).

Elizabeth Blackwell House is comprised of nine tutor groups each with their own unique mix of talented, bright and enthusiastic students from years 7 to 11. This makes each tutor group feel like a family of older and younger siblings who look out for one another around the school.


Mr Hugh Childs

Head of House

Miss Caroline Dickson

Assistant Head of House


Misss Laura Hill

Assistant Head of House


Mrs Nicola Britton

Pupil Premium Advocate


Elizabeth Blackwell Tutor Groups:





Claire Liddell and Laura Hill


Dave Chaplin


Hatty Edds


Jason Hughes


Louise Hancock and Dave Bateman


Ngaio Leyden-Preece


Rob Bedwell


Becky Nicholls and Lily Payne


Tom Machin








Each tutor group contains a mix of all year groups in a vertical tutor group system. Within these systems, we have elected Student Leaders, Sports Captains and Captains, a Head Boy and Head Girl in addition to two Vice Head Girls. These roles allow the students in Elizabeth Blackwell House to really take ownership of the house and make it work for them.

Bethan Phillips

Head Girl

Reza Bharwani

Head Boy

April Burton

Vice Head Girl

Hannah Fritsch

Vice Head Girl

The house carries a blue badge which the students wear with pride in addition to Elizabeth Blackwell’s name, a hugely celebrated Bristolian after whom we take our house name.Growing up in Bristol, Elizabeth Blackwell battled all her life and her successes were monumental. As the first official UK medic, she won the enthusiastic support from some prominent medical figures and the grudging acceptance of women into medicine. In 1881, there were only 25 female doctors registered in England and Wales but by 1911 there were 495 registered as a result of her work. This is the kind of belief, determination and success we aspire for in our Blackwell House students and just as Elizabeth Blackwell is celebrated for her successes, we feel it is only right that the successes of the students in our house should be celebrated.

An example of a student whom we are currently celebrating for successes out of school is Anna Sledge.

In her spare time, Anna competes in synchronised swimming. In a recent competition, in her age group she came 5th individually overall (competing against 59 other girls) but in the South West, she was 1st.  In the duet, they came 5th and team 2nd overall.  Anna came away with three gold medals. 

In an even more recent completion, Anna once again entered the individual figures and finished 4th (out of 86) in the 13-15 age group, an incredible achievement.

She then followed this up with a Silver medal (out of 12) in the duet completion with her partner Abby.

 In the team competition, Anna was part of the squad who also collected a silver medal.

 Anna is now looking forward to the National Championships which is held in Gloucester in December. Good luck Anna!




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