Bedminster Down School

John James

Welcome to John James House. Our house is led by the Head of House Miss Clark , who is supported by a House office team including: Mrs Davis(Assistant Head of House – non-teaching), Miss Vennall (Assistant Head of House – teaching) and Miss Burge (Pupil Premium Advocate).

John James House is made up of nine tutor groups each with their own unique mix of talented, bright and enthusiastic students.


John James Tutor Groups:




Allison Braybrooke


Amanda Le Dem and Hew Punter


Chris Sheard


Charlotte Taylor


Emily Clerc


Ellie Smith


Marie Solomon


Kerry Merchant


Steve Priday and Kelliann Vennall









Each tutor group contains a mix of all year groups in the new vertical tutor group system. Within these systems we have elected Student Leaders, Sport Captains and Captains, a Head Boy and Head Girl in addition to a Deputy Head Boy and Girl. These roles allow the students in John James House to really take ownership of the house and make it work for them.

Head Boy – Rhys Price

Head Girl – Farrah O’Shea      

Dep. Head Girl – Eloise Dale

Dep. Head Girl – Saffron Cox

Our house was named after the local Philanthropist John James. John James was born in Bedminster and throughout his life gave millions away to good causes. His charitable work continues through the ’John James Foundation’, including a donation of one million pounds to the Children’s Hospital.

The son of a docker, John James worked hard throughout his and it was belief and determination that enabled him to become such a successful businessman. These are the qualities that we aspire for all of the students in our house- and I am sure that you will enjoy reading about all of our students successes throughout their time at Bedminster Down School.